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Study tour Health and medico technology

12. May 2013

Danish project managers and innovation experts on hospital building and logistics were invited to see newly built modern hospitals, ongoing projects and state-of-the-art-technology on site in Austria.

In the middle of April Commercial Counsellor Eva Frei and Key Account Manager Thomas Strecker-Leitner went for a three-day-trip together with 10 Danish project managers and innovation experts on hospital building and logistics. The study tour was arranged with the objective to inform the Danish experts about newly built modern hospitals and also ongoing projects in Austria and to show also some Austrian state-of-the-art-technology on site. Among the projects and solutions visited in Klagenfurt, Graz and Vienna were:

Klinikum Klagenfurt
One of the newest hospitals in Austria including a logistics centre – presented by logistics manager Heinz Greier and two experts from the companies Sumetzberger (pneumatic tube systems) and DS Automotion (automated guided vehicles for logistic transport). On the tour through the hospital it was also possible to see wall cladding panels produced by FunderMax which have several qualities which are very interesting for the healthcare area.

Privatklinik Maria Hilf Klagenfurt
This exclusive hospital was recently renovated and reopened in 2011. Today the hospital aims at becoming the leading private hospital of the Region of Carinthia. Schrack-Seconet presented its patient information, entertainment and nurse call system. Besides that we visited their exclusive patient apartment with a 200 sqm balcony and an amazing view over Klagenfurt.

Company Zydacron in Graz
This ITC company is focusing on telemedicine and telemonitoring. Zydacron has already delivered approx. 100 patient terminals in Denmark and an option for 400 more. Their combination user friendliness, high definition video, integration of more than 40 different measurement instruments and the future development of tablet and smartphone programs are interesting to look for in the future of healthcare at a distance.

Hospital Wien Nord
A new hospital project including 600 beds in one of Vienna’s urban extension areas introduced by Hohenauer Healthcare Consult, one of the planners. At present it is a promising building site. The hospital will include state of the art logistics, healing architecture and gardens, a shopping mall and their own train station.

AKH Wien – Allgemeines Krankenhaus Wien
The most important Austrian hospital, one of the largest in Europe and a 30 year project. At this visit the focus was on facility management and operation presented by VAMED as well as the acoustic ceiling solutions with integrated LED-lighting, a solution developed by Fural together with Philips.

St. Martins Therme in Frauenkirchen
This is a wellness hotel with thermal spa constructed and operated by VAMED . Experiences and possibilities of public-private co-operations within the hospital and wellness sectors were discussed and gave our participants new insights and ideas.

The Incoming Mission was a great success, to be continued…