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KMG helps out local television station 

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8. November 2010

Twice this year the local television station ALTV from Aabenraa experienced burglaries of expensive equipment and was happy to get a helping hand from KMG: to cover their losses, KMG has entered a sponsoring contract with ALTV, and in return the local TV station will produce a video-documentary about the building process. 

The deal is that ALTV will produce a video-documentary about the first 9 months of the building process - starting with the breaking of the first turf and transportation of soil and on to the establishment of the first bridge and the soil stabilisation with chalk. The film will show innovative solutions and the fast progress of the building project.

KMG has found a media partner who knows the region and focuses on local issues – and thanks to the KMG sponsoring the private local TV station will be able to continue the production of a wide range of broadcasts for both sides of the border. A collaboration that matches the device of KMG:“The motorway must serve the region”.

The video-documentary is planned to be ready at the end of 2010.  

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