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Revolution in the cooling method of car batteries

31. July 2012

The cooling liquid CryoSolplus which consists of water and paraffin might in future protect sensitive car batteries from summer’s heat.

The battery of an e-car overheats easily while out on a trip in midsummer, which leads to a reduction of the battery’s life span of 50%. Usually the battery is being cooled with air and water. Air can absorb merely a small amount of heat though and also conducts it only poorly. Also only a limited amount of water can be transported in the car. CryoSolplus is supposed to solve this problem.

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology in Oberhausen (Germany) have developed a new and efficient cooling liquid. The dispersal consisting of water, paraffin, stabilizing surfactants and the antifreeze mixture Glyco can absorbe three times as much heat as water and conducts it better than air can.

How does it work?

As soon as CryoSolplus absorbes heat, the solid paraffin pellets melt and turn into drops. This way the heat is being stored. Once the solution has cooled down, the drops turn solid again. The stability of the dispersion was a crucial point of the development: The single paraffin pellets must not go lumpy and must not rise to the surface. The surfactants are being taken up by the pellets and function as a protecting mantle. Also, this way the storage tank can be much smaller which means less weight and more space inside the engine compartment.