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LEGAL NEWS - Summerhouse restrictions to be eased by new Danish Government

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13. December 2016

The recently appointed new Danish Government is set to implement a pilot scheme to make it easier for foreigners to buy a summerhouse in Denmark.

The pilot scheme focuses on certain areas of the country in which foreign purchase of summerhouses could be mutually beneficial for all parties involved. Although it has not yet been revealed exactly which areas the pilot scheme would include, previous suggestions and legislative proposals concerning the same question have focused on depopulated areas.

Before the newly proposed pilot scheme, it was not possible for a person without a place of residence in Denmark to acquire a summerhouse in Denmark unless he or she had an “especially strong attachment to Denmark”. This could be achieved for instance by knowledge of the language, employment or family relations, and a special permission from the Ministry of Justice is needed. Although this still is the legal status, it seems that with the pilot scheme the regulations could be eased – not revoked, however –, the Government stating in its new government platform:

“We want to look into the possibilities to experimentally exclude some specially selected areas”.

According to the Ministry of Justice, 68 foreigners were allowed to buy a summerhouse in 2010. In 2015, the number reached 286, among them 156 Norwegians and 63 Germans. Since 2013, 800 foreigners have been allowed to acquire a summerhouse in Denmark, the majority of them being Norwegians.

With the increasing tendency to grant foreigners permission to buy a summerhouse, combined with the abovementioned pilot scheme, it could be worthwhile to investigate the opportunity of acquiring a summerhouse in Denmark. NJORD Law Firm offers counseling during the entire process, from the application process to finalizing the sale agreement.