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Managed print services – a plus for the environment

27. May 2013

Companies and institutions are aware of protecting the environment.

In recent years numerous companies and institutions have become more aware of the importance of protecting the environment in their offices. We learn to save paper, to think before printing, to recycle and to make use of environmental friendly equipment in our offices.

MPS – managed print services is one of the efficient ways to do well for the environment. By outsourcing printing and printer management to providers of managed print services you may save costs as well. The outsourcing helps reduce the consumption of energy and resources.

According to statistics, organisations can cut approximately 30 per cent of their printing costs by using intelligent printer management software. Recently the Austrian company Embatex - one of the top5 recycling companies in Europe when it comes to toner and inkjet cartridges – has taken over the exclusive sale and distribution of an innovative MPS software in the European market. The innovative program automatically takes over a number of administrative tasks like e.g. the repeat order of supplies and consumable parts, conveyance of error messages, side/page recording, invoicing and reporting of toner consumption, side cover, printer exploitation and error statistics.