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New underground trains for Riyadh to be built in Austria

23. October 2013

Siemens supplies 74 Inspiro-metros to Saudi-Arabian capital

Siemens has been chosen to build two underground lines out of six including 74 innovative Inspiro trains for the most ambitious urban rail project in the world, the Saudi-Arabian Riyadh Metro . It is anticipated that 75 km of new track and 85 new stations will be built during the next few years with the underground system being launched in 2018.

At an estimated cost of 1.5 billion EUR, the 74 trains will be built at Siemens’ factory in Vienna-Simmering and the undercarriages in Graz. Siemens will also deliver the electrification and the signaling and communication system for driverless operation.

The Inspiro vehicles are to be built in two and four-car configurations featuring higher-capacity air conditioning systems than usual in order to adapt to the excessive temperatures of 45°C in summer. Other equipment such as rotating base frames, doors and brakes will be provided with special filters and seals to hold the sand off.