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Raiffeisen Economic Forum in Copenhagen

31. May 2010

Upper Austrian Delegation of the Austrian Bank Raiffeisen gathered inspiration and impulses from the multiple exemplary Denmark

Despite the low temperatures in Denmark this spring the 65 participants of the Upper Austrian Delegation of the Austrian Bank Raiffeisen gathered inspiration and impulses from the multiple exemplary Denmark in very high spirits. The delegation was presided by Dr.Christoph Leitl, President of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and Mr. Ludwig Scharinger, CEO of the Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich.

The organizers had set up an extensive programme for the delegation, and on the 14th of May the scene was specially set for stimulating talks on economics in the Marriott Hotel:

Denmark and the European Union

Mr. Michael Aastrup Jensen, Venstre Party´s spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Information Technology and Chairman of the Danish delegation to the Council of Europe

Business relationship between Austria and Denmark

Ms. Eva M. Frei, Austrian Trade Commissioner in Copenhagen

Overview of Danske Bank

Mr. Jürgen Graffonara, Head of Institutional Clients AT, DE

Effects of the current economic and financial crisis on Denmark as well as on the Danish krone

Kristian Myrup Pedersen, senior analyst of Danske Bank

A report of practical experiences on being active in Denmark as an Austrian company

Mr. Ralf Godbey, Director of Engel Danmark A/S

After the opening address by Mr. Leitl and the Austrian Ambassador to Denmark Mr. Krumholz, Mr. Michael Aastrup Jensen of the Danish Venstre Party gave a speech about Denmark and the European Union. Mr. Aastrup Jensen emphasized the possibility to increase business relations between Denmark and Austria. This growth could take place either in the public health sector as Denmark plans to invest 5.4 Billion Euro until 2018 or within energy and building projects in infrastructure. Also opportunities that Ms. Frei mentioned in her presentation of business relationships between Austria and Denmark. Tenders for planning, construction and medical technologies are to be expected – and Austria is strong in these fields.

Another topic of great interest among the delegates was the unique Danish Flexicurity system on the labour market. The effects of the current economic and financial crisis on Denmark and on the krone were also very relevant for the delegation, as well as the practical experiences of an Austrian company being active in Denmark.

After the speeches Mr. Scharinger, CEO of the Raiffeisenbank, concluded that he sees the Danes – who understand themselves as happy despite their taxes often amounting to 48% - as an example for Austria. However, according to Mr. Scharinger Austria has an image problem in Denmark: Austria is still seen as the country of music and of the good holidays, but too little as a country with a high technical expertise.

Companies among the participants:

Asamer Holding

A specialist in gravel, stone, cement, concrete, cecycling and the processing of mineral raw materials

Verlagsgruppe Passau

Media group newspapers, radio stations, printing facilities

Hödlmayr International AG

The core service of the company is vehicle logistics

IFN-Beteiligungs GmbH

Leading manufacturers and suppliers of building components in Europe


Active in automobile logistics, industrial logistrics, warehousing & forwarding

Schachinger Logistik Holding

Focuses on the logistics outsourcing market, with emphasis on sector, industrial and project logistics

Schatzdorfer Gerätebau

Focuses on developing steel plates, laser-beam cutting and more

Teufelberger Holding

Steel wire ropes for ropeways and cranes, extrusion of plastic strapping products, synthetic fiber ropes

Wildmoser/Koch + Partner

Law Company

Energie AG Oberösterreich

Infrastructure group with core business energy, water and waste disposal

BMW Motoren

Research/development of diesel engines and production of 6-cylinder petrol engines and 4- and 6-cylinder diesel engines