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Red Bull und Shark now in Denmark

Energetic person making a loop outside in the fresh air © ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA


19. November 2009

Recently the first 13-14 energy drinks have been allowed to enter the Danish market – among these Red Bull and Shark

Based on an examination of taurin and glucoronolacton - both ingredients of energy drinks - made by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) in spring 2009, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration has now approved these ingredients in the amounts that were found safe by the EFSA. At the same time the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration has opened up for the approval of energy drinks with a caffeine content up to 320 mg per liter – the same amount that is allowed in other European countries. Until now the Danish limit was 150 mg/liter. However, individual approvals will still be needed for all new energy products with ingredients that are not identical to those of already approved drinks. By drinking a can of 25 centiliters you will typically consume the same amount of caffeine as by drinking a cup of coffee.

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