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Austrian shelving solution in Danish National Archives

2. September 2010

The Danish company Arkiv-Technic has proudly participated in the delivery of a completely new type of shelving system to the Danish National Archives.

The new shelving system - an advanced computer controlled and secured shelving solution in 2 floors, also called a Double Decker- was developed by the Austrian company FORSTER Metallbau .

In the choice of solution there has been much emphasis on personal safety, capacity and reliability. Furthermore high component quality, soft edges, harmonious colours, new technology and bright space were used for creating a good working environment. The new technology ensures a maximum protection of the users, i.e. the control panel is designed with extra large buttons making it possible to operate the system with an elbow, if you have your hands full. The operating system is designed with a “plug and play” installation that requires no special training by the users. A total of 15 strong rooms has been equipped with the new shelving system.

The National Archives have a total capacity of nearly 368,000 linear meters equivalent to a distance from Copenhagen to Aalborg via Odense. The strong rooms must storage 3,200,000 custom-designed archival boxes, also called the National Archives boxes. The contents of the boxes are conservation-worthy historical documents such as censuses, church books and public records.

For more information about the shelving system please feel free to contact Arkiv-Technic .