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CROSS-COUNTRY WEBINAR "Robotics in Healthcare"

11. December 2017

Robotics will find its way into diagnostics, treatment as well as rehabilitation and is already opening up new business fields for innovative companies. On 5th December 2017 ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Copenhagen, Tokyo and Zurich hosted the cross-market webinar on “Robotics in Healthcare", including experts from the Robotics Cluster in Odense, Zurich, and Tokyo, who gave insights into the current state and latest developments in the field of robotics in the healthcare sector. 

Switzerland based expert Dr. med. Verena Klamroth from the Sensory-Motor Systems Lab at ETH Zurich presented the latest findings from her research in the field of robot-based neuro-rehabilitation and gave an outlook on how robotics is going to change the future of physiotherapy. The Japanese part contained information about the societal challenges Japan is facing, also in regards to healthcare, and how robotics are seen as a solution (e.g. robotics based nursing care). The expert from Japan, Yutaro Naito from Yaskawa Electric Corporation , talked about the walking assist robot ReWalk and their ankle assist device CoCoroe AAD. The expert from Denmark, Claus Risager, founder, partner and Co-CEO at Blue Ocean Robotics , touched upon the digital revolution and exponential growth driver in robotics, the current and future prospects of the robotics market and shared insights from his work at Blue Ocean Robotics by presenting examples of robots from their development program RoBi-X as well as experiences from the partnership work. In the subsequent Q&A Session, the discussion focused on topics such as the challenges of robot development and adaption in the healthcare sector, cost factors, chances for SMEs, experiences from collaborations, drivers behind the rapid development, or the future of robotics.

A recording of the Webinar is available here .