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1. December 2010

A recycling program for the benefit of the ROTE NASEN Clowndoctors International

The project „recycling4smile“ of the Austrian company Embatex AG offers companies, public institutions and schools to recycle their used printer and toner cartridges in an environmentally friendly way. At the same time they support the ROTE NASEN Clowndoctors International (RNI).

This free collecting system has been operative since 2003 and it was initiated by the Austrian company Embatex AG. Since then Germany, Slovenia and Slovakia have become partners of recycling4smile. Participation in the four partner countries is simple: after registration at recycling4smile the participant receives a ROTE NASEN collecting box for cartridges - no obligations, no costs. Once the collecting box is full the company or institution calls recyclingforsmile who will then arrange the transportation of the box to Embatex AG.

In 2009 the donations in the four countries amounted to approx. 47,000,- Euro. Thanks to this recycling program and the reuse of cartridges more than 500 tons of waste were avoided in 2009.

The organisation ROTE NASEN Clowndoctors International is the biggest group of hospital clowns in Europe and enjoys a good reputation all over the world. The ROTE NASEN Clowndoctors are specially trained artists giving children and grownups in hospitals strength, confidence and courage to face life through humour.