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Youngsters realize ecological project

26. August 2011

In the Carinthian village of Finkenstein, in the South of Austria, a unique housing project has just been started. The intention of the project ‘Sonnendorf’ is to realize 14 homes, that produce more energy than they can use themselves. 150 trainees from the region are involved in the process of building the first homes in the sunny village.

In 2014, when the construction process will be completed, the future houseowners will be looking forward to receiving their utility bill. A 55 square meter photovoltaic-facility will supply each house with energy and special insulation will guarantee energy efficiency. In the case that more energy will be produced than needed, the electricity-surplus will be infed to the local energy-net. So in fact, houseowners will not only save money, they also have the chance to earn money with the energy facilities installed at their homes. In numbers, each house will save up to 6,5 t CO2 per year compared to oil-heating.

In 2012 the building process of the first of 14 houses in Finkenstein should be closed. The fact that 150 trainees from local businesses are integrated in the process of building the first houses gives the project an even more unique character. Plumber-, bricklayer-, electrician-, and landscape-gardening trainees can show off their qualities. Andreas Müller, head of the company SunMedia Marketing GmbH, explains: “At our construction site the youngsters have to take responsibility and they get the chance to deal with ecological materials.”

For further information about the project visit (only in German).