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Vienna receives “World City Closest to Sustainable Waste Management” award

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5. April 2011

The Austrian capital is setting an example for cities worldwide

The “World City Closest to Sustainable Waste Management” award honors the exceptional efforts the city of Vienna has made in order to strengthen its position in the environmental and sustainable waste management sector. This accolade proves once again that the day-to-day operations in achieving the best quality of life in Vienna may be valued by the people of Vienna, but also attracts worldwide attention. Vienna was among numerous European and international metropolises with a population of more than 250,000 inhabitants, including Berlin, Zurich, Vancouver, Singapore, evaluated by the international waste organizations WTERT (Waste-to-Energy Research and Technology Council) and SUR (Council for Sustainable Use of Resources) for the award.

The jury consisted of 20 international waste management experts who evaluated a number of data points, including waste production, energy generation from waste, material recycling quotas as well as incineration, fermentation and electricity generation from landfill gas into consideration. The Austrian capital was selected as the city that has achieved top marks in all these areas, especially due to the high priority Vienna has and continues to place on waste management. The award recognizes the Vienna’s goal in cutting down energy usage, pollutants, waste and traffic and puts the city on the map as an example for other cities worldwide.