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Austria beats Alsace in wine duel

A glass of Austrian white wine © ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA


10. August 2010

In a wine duel between the classic Alsace Rieslings and the upcoming Austrian Rieslings the Danish gourmet magazine ”Smag og Behag” elected the Austrian Rieslings as winner of the duel.

The two top Rieslings in the blind wine tasting were both Austrian and consequently the best Alsace was relegated to the 3rd place. Also the 4th place went to an Austrian Riesling which at the same time was elected as “best buy” of the 12 Rieslings in the test.

Despite a though competition of the Alsace Rieslings the victory went to the Austrian Riesling. The Austrian Rieslings convinced the expert wine panel by their high quality and - in comparison to the Alsace Riesling - affordable prices. That Austrian Rieslings give you value for money has been a long known fact in the selected circle of wine connoisseurs.

The winning Riesling was a Loibner Burgstall Federspiel 2009, F.X. Pichler, Wachau, Austria available at Laudrup Vin & Gastronomie . The “best buy” Riesling was a Heiligenstein 2006, Schloss Gobelsburg, Kamptal, Austria available at Bichel Vine .

The results of the Riesling wine tasting was published in the August issue 2010 of “Smag og Behag”. For more information visit .