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Austrian equipment for the rescue of Chilean miners



29. October 2010

Austrian knowhow played a vital role in the spectacular rescue of 33 Chilean miners, who were trapped in a collapsed mine 622 meters below ground for two months.

The Austrian company ÖSTU-Stettin , that specializes in construction above and below ground, had just finished a project near San Jose, and was able to be at the scene almost immediately. ÖSTU-Stettin provided the hoisting plant that hoisted the miners to freedom. During the ascent in the rescue capsule, the lives of the trapped miners depended on a rope made by the Austrian company Teufelberger , manufacturer of special-purpose ropes and straps. The rope was a 1000 metre long non-rotating Evolution TK 16. In this case, it had to be non-rotating, as it was absolutely necessary to prevent any rotation of the capsule during the rescue. The effort to get all 33 men out took 22 hours, 37 minutes, which was far less time than first estimated.

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