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Pneumatic Tube Systems for Danish Hospitals

Denmark introduced a development program for 16 hospitals including the Greenfield and Brownfield solutions. A fantastic success for Austrian company Ing. Sumetzberger GmbH was the award of the first Danish tender contract for pneumatic tube systems for Aarhus University Hospital. 

The project was started in 2013. Furthermore, Sumetzberger is strongly integrated in various innovation projects in Denmark. Another proof of their success is their new business relationship with a reliable local Danish partner for installation and service.

Ing. Sumetzberger GmbH is the leading technology provider of pneumatic tube systems and conveyor technology. Their pneumatic tube systems – also called air tube systems – offer fast, secure transport for blood samples, pharmaceuticals, blood bags, fluids, documents and smaller instruments. Through the continuous flow provided by the pneumatic tube systems, laboratory instruments are utilized better, pharmacy items are procured and delivered quickly and the general logistics are improved throughout the whole hospital.

The installation of Sumetzberger’s pneumatic tube systems in hospitals helps the clients with their logistics. Sumetzberger continues to establish further business contacts on the Danish market.