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Light, an important factor for health and well-being

With an integral way of viewing light as an important effect on health and well-being Bartenbach GmbH implemented an innovative light concept in the psychiatric institution of Slagelse/Denmark.

Light affects our health and well-being. Hence its effect should correlate with biological criteria and support the circadian rhythm (sleep-awake-rhythm) of humans. Especially in health and care institutions the integration of biological effective light plays a key-role: patients as well as employees spend most of their time indoors. The experts at Bartenbach focus on the design of lighting concepts and systems. Bartenbach’s Lightening Design concept found an exemplary realization with implementing the required demands into everyday clinical practice and is thus not only used in so-called light therapy.

The pavilion figured clinic with over 190 rooms is equipped with an ideal daylight supply and the latest light technique, which Bartenbach’s R&D employees gather continuously through their numerous research projects. This pioneering use of light was certainly one reason why the project of Slagelse Psychiatric Hospital won the Danish Builders Prize 2016.

The LED-lightening enables a luminous colour change and follows the natural daylight run for a perfect daylight navigation in the inner of the institution. Biological effective light supports the human Serotonin and Melatonin household, which increases health and well-being.

Another nameable project Bartenbach recently successfully materialized in Denmark is the equipment of Copenhagen’s busiest railway station Nørreport. Bartenbach provided the lighting design concept for the open spaces and pavilions of the station.