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Digitisation of national cultural heritage

The Danish Royal Library in Copenhagen operates a vast and efficient digitisation center with three Qidenus Robotic Book Scan A3+ 400ppi integrated. The preservation program of the library includes the digitisation of national cultural heritage of both Danish and foreign origins such as books, periodicals, leaflets, manuscripts, documents, pictures and photographs.

The Qidenus systems are pacemakers within this digitisation. Owing to the performance of the Qidenus systems, the Danish digitisation process has progressed significantly and a large amount of data and digitised material is already available for the public – allowing the library to be closer to the public by offering a broad range of content online.

Qidenus Technologies develops and manufactures scan hard- and software for libraries, archives, educational institutions like schools and universities, public state institutions such as administrative agencies and ministries, specialized digitisation service companies and industries with big volumes of bound material in their belongings.

In Vienna Qidenus Technologies employs and operates its systems in the Qidenus center offering a complete digitasion service. Any kind of book, bound material, archive material, photos or loose documents in formats Din A8 – Din A0 can be digitised. Another task of the service center is continuous testing and development of the scanning equipment.