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Facts and Figures

Here are a few facts and figures about the Austrian industry: Sports/Leisure

Sport industry in Austria

According to a study by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber one out of ten jobs in Austria is sport-related.

Source: SpEA SportsEconAustria,  Das SportAustria-DATENVADEMECUM Edition 8/January 2016
Sport defined in economic termsPersons employed*)Gross value added in EUR million
Statistical definition: sporting activities (including the operation of sports facilities and other services)approx. 26,701(0.6%)approx. 1,299 
Narrow definition: All activities which are inputs to sport (i.e. all goods and services necessary for doing sport (trade and production of sporting goods) plus the Statistical Definitionapprox. 139,457(3.3%)approx. 6,947 
Broad definition: All activities which require sport as an input (i.e. all goods and services related to a sport activity but without being necessary for doing sport) plus the Narrow Definitionapprox. 333,765(7.8%)approx. 17,063

*) Number of persons employed in Austria‘s sport-related economy and their share in the working population in %


The global market for alpine skis and cross-country skis are levelling off at 3.15 million (alpine) and 1.8 million (cross-country) respectively. Remarkable 50% are allotted to Austrian ski brands. The export quota is over 80%.

Source: Annual Report of the Austrian Wood Industries 2017/2018

Source: Trend Top 500
The largest companies of the Austrian sports/leisure sector by net revenue in million euro (2017)
Intersport Österreich eGen. 607.00
Hervis Sport- und Mode GmbH 520.00
Austria Puma Dassler GmbH 484.50
Zentrasport Österreich eGen. (Sport 2000 & Gigasport) 444.00
Intersport Austria GmbH 279.70
Head Sport GmbH 227.30
KTM Fahrrad GmbH 194.54