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Charging Stations for Danish Green Mobility

With its intelligent infrastructure solutions for the private and semi-public sectors, KEBA supplies the Danish market with reliable, safe and market-proven products for the implementation of sustainable e-mobility strategies.

Founded in 1968, KEBA AG is an internationally successful electronics company based in Linz/Austria with subsidiaries around the world. In line with its credo “Automation by innovation”, KEBA has been developing and producing inventive, top quality automation solutions for the industrial, banking, services and energy automation sectors for more than 45 years.

The general agreement signed with the Danish company CLEVER, which is owned by five large Danish energy suppliers, allows for the delivery of up to 1,500 charging stations annually over a period of five years. Initial deliveries were made in 2013. In 2013, 522 new e-vehicles were registered in Denmark. Forecasts promise an enormous increase in this figure since many new models are being released and there is a major demand for “green mobility”.

KEBA has been involved with the topic of e-mobility since 2009 and had installed 7,000 charging stations worldwide by February 2014. The KeContact P20 wallbox has emerged as a key product, as it charges at ten times the speed of a household power socket. It is available in three variations as well as with various features. Accordingly, it is suitable for any type of e-vehicle.