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Fibre optic connection through the sewers of Copenhagen

Austrian Company CableRunner International has a portfolio of installation techniques to make use of sewer and storm drainage systems, canals etc. in order to lay fibre optic cables.

The CableRunner technology can be applied in every type of sewer: Where it is possible, workers enter the sewers to perform installations. For sewers that are too narrow for workers to enter, CableRunner International has developed robot installation techniques.

In Denmark, CableRunner International was commissioned to construct a fibre optic connection with a length of 1.1 km through the sewers of Copenhagen. The project is located in the historic center of the Danish capital, along “Vester Farimagsgade”. The implementation was based on project design from HOFOR A/S, Denmark’s largest utility company, with the support of supplemental maps, pictures as well as recent inspection videos. The installation process was carried out by experienced workers from CableRunner International who were sent to Copenhagen for the project. Thanks to the well-prepared construction site, the entire construction phase was completed in just four days.

The CableRunner technology was developed in 1996. Since then, in-sewer fiber optic networks in different countries worldwide have been successfully installed.