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A successful restart after the Coronavirus crisis

10. July 2020

Austria has rebooted its economy and Advantage Austria’s offices around the world are – despite local restrictions – raring to go.

After weeks of lockdown to stem the tide of the Coronavirus pandemic, Austria has the situation firmly under control and almost all businesses have been able to start trading again- while observing appropriate safety measures, of course. There are still restrictions for cultural and sporting events, but these are due to be gradually lifted. Borders to neighbouring countries have been reopened and the manufacturing and export industries have kicked back into gear. With the easing of travel restrictions, Austria’s tourism industry has also been able to welcome international visitors once again.

Leading the international field with a state aid package of more than EUR50 billion, the Austrian government has opted for a package of support mechanisms to mitigate the economic consequences of the pandemic for companies and for employment. The point of all these relief efforts has always been to enable the economy to bounce back quickly, but the export industry will only be able to get back on its feet with a greater degree of trust – and a prerequisite for this additional trust will be more intensive global cooperation than ever before, with fairness and partnership top of the agenda.

Even in these turbulent times, ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA will of course remain a partner you can rely on – after lockdown, exporters will ultimately need not only to restart but also to play catch up, in cooperation with all their international and stakeholders.

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10. July 2020