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Austrian taximeters keep the Baltic states taxis ticking over

HALE has been a reliable partner for taxi companies for over 40 years, maintaining close relationships with its international customers and distribution partners. HALE taximeters can today be found in more than 40 countries, in many of which the company is the market leader.

HALE is also active in the Baltic states since 2002 and equips taxis with its innovative technology. In the meanwhile 3,000 HALE taximeters have been sold in the Baltic states. HALE operates in all the Baltic countries with its own importer acting as a partner.

HALE is also a supplier and development partner to the German automotive industry and is well known for being at the forefront of innovation in the industry. This has led to the Salzburg-based firm developing the world's first mirror taximeter in conjunction with Mercedes-Benz.

Research, development, design and production are all carried out by highly qualified staff at the company's headquarters in Salzburg, Austria. International distribution networks and locations in Germany, the United Kingdom and France allow HALE to respond quickly to the wants and needs of its customers and adapt flexibly to the challenges of each market and each country.