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Austrian turbines for the Baltics

GUGLER Water Turbines GmbH is a family-owned enterprise committed to the development and construction of water turbines and small hydropower plants. Now under its third generation of management, the company is among the world's leading suppliers of water turbines (Kaplan, Pelton and Francis turbines) with an output ranging from 5 kW to 20 MW.

Estonia: Supply of a Kaplan turbine

In 2007, the construction of a vertical Kaplan turbine with belt drive, induction generator, governors and switchgears was completed on time and delivered to the customer Kamari Hüdro in Estonia. The output is 311 kW, the net head is 5 m and the discharge is 7.2 m3/s.

Latvia: Follow-up order for HPP Brenguli 

Gugler Water Turbines was awarded the contract to supply a second vertical Kaplan turbine with an output of 118 kW and a directly coupled generator for the existing small hydropower plant in Brenguli. The first Kaplan turbine with an output of 94 kW was successfully commissioned back in 2012.

In addition to the turbines, electronic governors, controls and hydraulic steel structures, the company also supplies all the electromechanical equipment needed for small hydropower plants. Gugler has a network of proven and reliable partner firms at its disposal for the manufacture of these components.