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High-tech glasses for the world and outer space

Did you know that the iconic rimless glasses design originates from Austria? Silhouette started a revolution with the 'Titan Minimal Art' — no hinges, or screws and just 1.8 g. More than 8 million people around the world now enjoy this design.

And not just around the world, but also in outer space! Titan Minimal Art eyewear has been used on board 35 space missions since the year 2000.

Glasses bySilhouette are a masterpiece "made in Austria"; 80% handmade, they are exported to 100 countries worldwide. The company distinguishes itself by its passion for detail, ultimate craftsmanship and an understanding of the individual needs and wishes of people who wear glasses.

With its unique design, Titan Minimal Art is not out of place at zero gravity either and nothing else is more comfortable to wear under tight-fitting space helmets. Small parts like screws can pose a real danger in outer space, but because Titan Minimal Art eyewear is screwless, this danger is eliminated — making the glasses an important part of safety in outer space.