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"Twist and drink - enjoy your toy" Soft drinks from the foot of the Alps

10. December 2007

"Twist and Drink", the fruit juice drink in the colourful flute-shaped packaging has been popular at home and abroad for over 34 years. Innovations in research and development, dedicated staff and improved focus on exports should boost revenues.

Natural ingredients, high fun factor, unique taste: "Twist and Drink" has been delighting the most important target group of three to seven-year-olds since 1973. Teenagers have also been reaching for the fruit juice in colourful bottles, both at home and abroad. There is now a uniform branding: "Twist and drink - enjoy your toy".

In 1973 Kurt Hofer Senior founded the company Klosterquell and began to retail fruit juice drinks in a unique polyethelene bottle under the brand name "Twist and Drink".  In 2002 Kurt Hofer Junior took over the management of the Klosterquell company in Gutenstein in Lower Austria, at the foot of the Alps.

Each year the family-owned company bottles around 10,000 hl of fruit juice drink, or 55 million 0.2l-PE bottles. Yearly revenues are EUR 7.5 million and the export quota is 82% - accounting for over a third of all exports, Great Britain is the most important export market. The drink is also available in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Croatia and South Africa. France and Italy are planned as future markets. The drink is available in 13 different varieties. The "Cherry" flavour is the most popular.