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Austrian Energy Industry



27. December 2007

Austria is one of the leading countries in wind and hydro production of electricity. Kazakhstan and Libya are the main suppliers of crude oil to Austria . Austria 's main importer and exporter of electricity is Germany .

In the field of electricity generation by wind, in 2004, Austria was ranking top 12 with a total production of 924 million kilowatt hours, followed by Sweden, Portugal, and Australia.  During the same period, nearly 39,000 million kilowatt hours were generated by hydro power which placed Austria internationally 15 th .
Electricity Production Figures [xls, 51.5kb]

In 2006, number-one-supplier of crude oil to Austria was Kazakhstan with 21.3% of the total Austrian imports. In the first 9 months of 2007, Libya with 24.8% ranks first among the Austrian suppliers, Kazakhstan coming a close second with 23.7%.
Crude Oil Import Figures (in German) [xls, 38.5kb]

Austria‘s main importer and exporter of electricity is Germany, in 2006 as well as in the first nine months of 2007. In 2006, Austrian exports to Germany accounted for 76% of total exports, Austrian imports from Germany for 88.1% of total imports. Comparison between the periods January to September 2006 and January to September 2007 shows that the Austrian electricity exports to Germany have risen by 17.9%, while the imports from Germany have declined by 20.5%.
Export Figures (in German) [xls, 39.5kb]Import Figures (in German) [xls, 38.0kb]