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Vorarlberg has more than Festivals and Ski Slopes

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© Omicron

21. August 2007

Vorarlberg is known for The Bregenz Festival and exceptional ski slopes, what is lesser known is that a world leader in checking devices for electrical energy systems, Omicron, also comes from Vorarlberg

The Vorarlberg company Omicron is a leading international company in the development and production of protection and measuring systems for primary and secondary testing.
Omicron products are used by utility, industry and railway companies as well as for relay, meter and transducer manufacturers. Omicron develops software and also produces its own hardware. Omicron was founded in 1984 in Hohenems (Vorarlberg) and now employs 220 people. In the last 15 years, Omicron has dwarfed its respectable turnover of EUR 300.000 (1991) with it currently at EUR 42 million (2006). The export quota has now reached 98%. In 2006 Omicron bought 70% of the German company 'Mitronix', so that it could concentrate on the research and development of measuring systems for astronautics, power and medical engineering.