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Fat-Busting Technology from Austria



1. June 2007

Sculpt your Figure with 'Vacuum Therapy'

An Austrian sports scientist has developed an innovative treatment using vacuum and compression therapy which promises to radically reduce your waistline in just one month. Robbie Williams apparently swears by it, and it is fast becoming a favourite among footballers’ wives.

Now available in selected gyms around the UK, the Vacunaut was developed by Austrian sports scientist Dr Norbert Egger of the Austrian company Hypoxi , which he founded in 1998, and is the result of 20 years of research into cellulite removal and fat-burning techniques. It is based on the principle that blood circulation is weaker in those areas where we tend to store excess fat such as the bottom and thighs, and so the utilisation of fatty deposits in these areas is poor. Dr Egger found that vacuum therapy was the best way to increase blood flow in specific areas. But to make sure the fat from these areas was metabolised and not simply dispersed around the body he invented a system which combined vacuum therapy with gentle exercise – the Vacunaut.

The Vacunaut consists of a special lycra suit, like a wetsuit, which is connected to a vacuum machine and a treadmill. It is a low-impact form of exercise, so is perfect for someone who is not very fit but wants to reduce their waistline. It is recommended that you commit to three 40-minute sessions a week. Women on the programme can expect to lose one to two dress sizes around their middle and men can drop one to two trouser sizes in one month.  

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