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Austrian Best Practice in Renewable Energy Solar & Biomass Cities talk about their experience at Cornwall Conference



11. July 2007

The newly built Solar City in Linz and the sustainable energy community of Guessing were among the six projects presented at the Energy for Regional Development - Learning from European Best Practice conference in Cornwall on 29 June.

The Solar City is a new suburb of sustainable affordable housing next to Linz, Austria's third largest city. Every property (the project includes 1,300 flats) was built with a south facing facade and has been erected using state of the art low energy construction techniques, architecture and equipment.

The municipality of Guessing in South East Austria decided to become energy autonomous in 1995. At present nearly all energy requirements are met by renewable sources of energy. These include a biomass CHP district heating sheme as well as the production of biofuels and solar cooling. Guessing is also the home of the European Centre for Renewable Energy.

Austria is one of the leading countries in renewable energy production and technologies and has particular strengths when it comes to biomass, solar power and zero carbon building design. Currently, 22% of primary energy consumption is met by renewable energy sources, so Austria already complies with the EU objective of 20% renewables by 2020.