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Red Bull Air Race

29. July 2007

35,000 spectators lined the shores of the River Thames in London to watch American Mike Mangold (Team Cobra) soar to victory in the sixth leg of the Red Bull Air Race World Series, winning the race with a time of 1:25.82 minutes.

Mangold beat Britain’s Paul Bonhomme (Team Matador) by just over one second and completed a superb run at speeds of up to 250mph and forces of up to 10G, racing through the air gates in the low level course stretched out along the River Thames in front of The O2 arena.

Invented in 2001 by the Austrian energy drink company, Red Bull, Air Racing combines motor sport with aeronautical acrobatics. The highly-trained stunt pilots fly up to 250mph just 30 feet off the ground through a series of obstacles called 'air gates' hoping to set the fastest times.

Red Bull has developed close links with extreme, fun and adventure sports including snowboarding, inline and speed skating, beach volleyball, surfing, sailing, kayaking, free-skiing, base jumping, freeclimbing, mountain biking, paragliding, triathlon and windsurfing to name a few.

Sports sponsorship is a major part of Red Bull's innovative marketing strategy. The Austrian company bought and completely re-branded two Formula One teams – Red Bull Racing (formerly Jaguar Racing) and Scuderia Toro Rosso (formerly Minardi). It also sponsors the Austrian football club Red Bull Salzburg.

About Red Bull

Whilst visiting Asia in 1982, Austrian entrepreneur Dietrich Mateschitz discovered a beverage that had a vitalising effect on mind and body and brought it to Europe – today this drink is better known as Red Bull.

Selling over a billion cans a year and available in over 72 countries, Red Bull is the number one energy drink worldwide, and the third biggest soft drink in the UK.

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