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Tridonic Atco client wins DALI Award for T5 lighting

21. July 2008

Andromeda Telematics Ltd, a long-term client of Dornbirn-based lighting firm Tridonic Atco has won the prestigious DALI Award.

Effective, energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting techniques are one of the most effective ways of reducing energy waste. The Austrian company Tridonic Atco GmbH & Co KG is one of the leaders in this sector, producing intelligent and low-energy lighting systems.

Two major Tridonic Atco clients, the German engineering consultant Walter Bamberger and their UK customer Andromeda Telematics Ltd have been presented with the prestigious DALI Award - the major international lighting industry award which recognises the cutting-edge integration of DALI technology (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) for lighting control, as well as design innovation and the prestige of the building.

Heathrow T5 has the largest controlled lighting system in the world as well as the largest single DALI emergency lighting system. Andromeda Telematics Ltd, a long-established business partner of Tridonic Atco was able to complete the system using Tridonic Atco's innovative products and know-how.

The project makes use more than 120,000 intelligent light fittings made by THORN, each using dimmable DALI-control gears from Tridonic Atco. Combined with 2,600 movement sensors these components form the basis for highest energy efficiency and exemplary sustainability.

Due in part to sophisticated lighting technology from Austria , T5 is characterised by high levels of lighting control and integration with other building control systems. It is a low energy, sustainable building with a low cost of ownership and significantly lower carbon emissions compared to conventional buildings. T5 is therefore likely to be a benchmark for all major lighting installations in the future.