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Hearty Austrian fare in London

30. September 2008

A new restaurant has opened in London specialising in the simple, hearty Austrian food traditionally served in Austrian bars and beer gardens. The lead item on the menu is the popular Austrian snack known as "Leberkaese". Literally translated as "liver-cheese" it contains neither liver, nor cheese! So what is it?

Imbiss Ltd is a brand new Austrian restaurant situated near Marble Arch in Central London. Set up by Austrian Uka Summers and her husband Ken, the restaurant specialises in Austrian bar snacks such as
the much-loved "Leberkaese". Little-known outside of the German-speaking world, "Leberkaese" (literally: "liver-cheese") contains neither liver, nor cheese. It is a sort of sliceable meat product made from finely ground meat and seasoning and has a consistency similar to that of a frankfurter sausuage.

A versatile and tasty snack, Leberkaese is perfect for serving hot or cold, in a bun or as an ingredient in salad, grilled or even fried in breadcrumbs.

The Leberkaese at Imbiss Ltd comes straight from “Leberkas Pepi ” in Linz and is made only from prime cuts of meat. The competition in production of Leberkaese is fierce in Austria, yet Leberkas Pepi currently has 3 outlets in the Upper Austrian town of Linz which are well known for their superb quality, texture and taste.
Also on the menu at Imbiss are a wide variety of speciality sausages, such as the cheese-filled "Kaesekrainer".

Leberkaese and sausages are very widely available snack foods in Austria and Germany and Uka aims to introduce these delicacies to the London market. The concept aims to provide the best of Austrian products in a relaxed atmosphere within comfortable and quality surroundings.
You can also enjoy draft beer from Stiegl or Austrian wine or Schnapps with your meal, and finish off with a traditional Austrian dessert such as Strudel.

Download the menu here .

Imbiss Ltd
14 Seymour Place
London W1H 7NF
+44 (0)20 7723 2574

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