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FACC Delivers the 1,000th Outer Bypass Duct for BR710 Rolls-Royce Engine

7. October 2008

The long and successful partnership between FACC AG and the aircraft engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce is celebrating a significant milestone. FACC has officially handed over the 1,000th outer bypass duct for a BR710 engine to Rolls-Royce. Since October 2001, FACC AG has been producing these weight-saving, sound-absorbing components for the BR700 engine family.  

Rolls-Royce has further expanded its cooperation with FACC by awarding the company with a contract for the supply of the outer bypass ducts for the BR725 – the newest of the BR700 engine family, still in the development stage. This new contract boosts FACC’s market leadership in the development and production of engine nacelle components using advanced composite technology.

In turbofan engines, the outer bypass duct channels the outer air flow (bypass flow or secondary air flow) past the core engine. The fan works like a sheathed propeller and produces around 80% of the propulsion, depending on the model.

Innovative Technology for Efficient, Eco-friendly Engines

For years, and in cooperation with engine manufacturers, FACC has been intensively researching the area of engine and engine nacelle components. The focus of the R&D is on improving the efficiency and environmental soundness of new engines that feature reduced fuel consumption and produce less noise and pollutants. By using more composites in engines, the total weight and fuel consumption of the aircraft can be reduced. Due to their design, their material properties and the processes used, composite components can significantly minimize the noise levels of planes. In the production of engine nacelle components, FACC uses innovative manufacturing processes that are unique in Europe, among others a special technology for the processing of acoustic, noise-absorbing surfaces for engine nacelles.

Handover of the 1000th Outer Bypass Duct for BR710 aircraft engine © Furtner/FACC

FACC hands over 1,000th outer bypass duct for a BR710 aircraft engine to Rolls-Royce (from left: Lloyd Lowe, Supply Chain Manager Rolls-Royce; Robert Machtlinger, Vice President Structures FACC) 

About FACC

FACC AG is one of the world’s leading companies in the development and production of advanced fiber reinforced composite components and systems for the aviation industry. Their range of products reaches from structural components for the fuselage and wings to engine components to complete passenger cabins for passenger planes and helicopters. FACC is a supplier to all large aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer and ACAC as well as for engine manufacturers and sub-suppliers of manufacturers.

In the business year of 2007/2008, FACC achieved a turnover of 251.9 million euros and as of February 29, 2008, employed 1,633 people. In the current business year the company will increase its turnover to 275 million euros.   

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