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Prize-winning Austrian chilled foods at IFE 2009



6. April 2009

Two Austrian chilled food products launched at IFE 2009 were awarded prizes at the Innovation Live event which ran in parallel to the global food and drink fair in London last month. The products which caught the judges' imagination were a premium chocolate mousse dessert and a cleansing whey-based tea drink. 

Innovation Live in association with Mintel is a unique interactive experience at IFE 2009 showcasing the world’s most innovative food products sourced by Mintel’s Global New Product Database team. It features some of the world’s most exciting products never seen before in the UK.

A showcase of ‘Fresh Ideas’ winners were chosen by a hand-selected panel of judges in
four main categories: General Food, Drinks, Chilled & Frozen and Health & Wellbeing.

The panel selected two Austrian products in the ‘Chilled and Frozen’ category


Süße G'schichten Moussini is a handmade mousse dessert with varieties including white chocolate and delicate poppyseed-plum purée filling.

It is super-premium dessert designed to replicate a restaurant quality experience in the home. The mousse features innovative and highly differentiated packaging, a spirally wound composite pack with a layer of corrugated card, which serves to help insulate the product as well as lending it a very natural look that underlines its artisanal nature.

Judges praised its use of flavourful combinations that stand out from the norm, including poppyseed & plum, pineapple, ginger, and goat’s cheese.


NÖM Fasten’s tea drink was chosen because of its unusual flavour – lemon-stinging-nettle green tea and its use of why as a base. The drink is claimed to support inner cleansing, lipometabolisum and weight control and is also available in Elder-Blackberry-Green Tea flavour.

Judges were impressed by the use of green tea extract, which is associated with boosting the metabolism to burn fat and calories in the body. Nettle is used only in a handful of other health-oriented drinks and infusions. The use of green tea extract for a metabolism benefit is growing, but is still relatively unusual.