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Advanced waste treatment solutions from Austria

15. June 2009

Austrian waste treatment specialist Compost Systems GmbH is enjoying rapid expansion in Britain as, together with its partner New Earth Solutions Ltd, it rolls out a network of advanced waste treatment facilities across the UK.  

Compost Systems GmbH has worked for many years with UK partner New Earth Solutions Ltd in the UK and together the companies developed and patented their sophisticated waste treatment system "newEARTH". Although the UK has been slow to adopt technology of this kind, it now seems to be waking up to the possibilities of biological waste treatment.

Last Autumn, New Earth Solutions opened its new biological waste treatment facility at Blaise Farm Quarry in Kent. The plant, which is designed to process up to 50,000 tonnes a year will provide a local solution for separated green and kitchen waste from Kent households. The new facility will produce a range of high quality composts that will be utilised across agriculture, land remediation and regeneration activities in the region.

The New Earth facility in Kent uniquely offers full enclosure of the entire composting process and is complimented by a comprehensive emissions management programme. According to Peter Horn, Operations Manager for Waste Management at Kent County Council, "“We have been able to improve our waste and recycling services for residents at both point of collection and in terms of final elimination as a result of New Earth Solutions technology and expertise.

We are dedicated to fulfilling our green pledges, diverting waste from landfill and meeting our obligations in line with regulations dictated by the EC landfill Directive".

Meanwhile, two new fully-financed plants have been commissioned for Leicester and Bristol. The plant in Leicester will have a 50,000 tonnes capacity and will process municipal waste, whilst the Bristol facility will process 50,000 tonnes of bio-waste annually. Both plants are set to be operational in early 2010.