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Vauxhall plant makes efficiency savings using Fronius technology

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17. June 2009

Vauxhall’s car manufacturing site at Ellesmere Port is one of Europe’s most modern car plants and produces the new Astra for Vauxhall and Opel. The UK plant approached Fronius after German colleagues reported €150,000 savings per year after implementing Fronius welding technology.  

The plant now uses 4 CMT (cold metal transfer) brazing on the car body (1.0mm CuSi3), 4 CMT Steel Welding on the door frames (1.2mm Steel, 100% Co2), and 1 CMT Test cell.

Before Vauxhall approached Fronius , 300 of 1200 bodies per day had to be reworked due to insufficient brazing seams or spatter. In addition, weld nuts had to be covered manually. Losses of production time had been caused by weld spatter into the torches. By using Fronius CMT, brazing rework has been reduced by 80% (10 seconds per car). Covering of weld nuts is no longer required. The brazing re-work station now stands empty.

The initial trial proved hugely successful in the brazing application, where the spatter free CMT process has completely removed the need for a torch clean. Contact tip life has been substantially increased and wire feeding of 1.0mm CuSi3 from marathon packs is now 100% reliable.

A saving of around £9000 has been reported in CuSi3 wire alone. Switching to 1005 Co2 in the door hinge application has yielded a yearly saving of around £20,000 (4 systems).

About Fronius

Fronius develops, produces and distributes battery chargers, welding technology and inverters for photovoltaic systems worldwide. The group has four production sites in Austria, the Czech Republic and Ukraine plus more than twelve sales subsidiaries in Europe and America. The company employs 2,221 employees worldwide, 1,661 of whom are based in Austria.  

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