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Austrians launch 'theblogpaper' in London

Computer © Dorn-Fussenegger

© Dorn-Fussenegger

7. September 2009

Austrians Anton Waldburg and Karl Jo Seilern are about to launch, London's first user-generated newspaper. Theblogpaper is online news community where users can publish and rate content with the most popular content appearing a printed edition.

theblogpaper, a website and printed paper compiled by an online community of writers, will release its first edition on September 25.

An initial run of 5,000 copies will be printed and distributed in selected areas of London, as well as to bloggers, media and advertising agencies.

The September edition of theblogpaper will be a 'pre-launch' version to encourage feedback from readers and contributors and to test the concept on the market. The website is the brainchild of 25 year old Austrians Anton Waldburg and Karl Jo Seilern.

The project aims to build a 'news community' online. This community will contribute written and multimedia news content, which will then be ranked by other users. If an item receives more support it will be pushed into a print edition and also onto the front pages of

The 'pre-launch' edition will consist of around 20-30 pages of text and photos. So far the site has attracted around 500 contributors, who will continue to decide what goes into the print edition and what items are promoted on the website.