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Aston Martin Rapide to be built in Graz

30. November 2009

The new Aston Martin Rapide will be built at a specialist car plant in Graz, Austria. It is the UK brand's first model to be built outside its British  plant in the firm’s 95-year history.

The Aston Martin Rapide is being built at the Magna Steyr production plant in Graz, Austria, in an all-new facility based closely on the high-tech factory at Gaydon in Warwickshire. Workers at Magna Steyr plant, which already makes models for BMW and Mercedes, are preparing to build up to 2,000 Rapides a year from early 2010.

Aston has spent the past 16 months replicating its UK production operation at the new dedicated factory, with a small team of its specialists training Magna staff – some of whom have travelled to the UK plant at Gaydon for first-hand experience.
Although the factory is in Austria, the production process is identical to that in the UK. Workers follow the same meticulous quality control and attention to detail that means it takes a month to painstakingly hand-build each Rapide.

In all, 40 man-hours go into producing the leather trim for each car, and it takes nearly 50 hours to apply the nine coats of paint. Helmut Wagner is in charge of Rapide production, and says: “Getting the Rapide has been great for Graz. There is a lot of excitement in the factory. And now we are testing the car on local roads, it’s also causing a stir in the city. The first customers have started flying in to the factory’s special showroom to order and personalise their car. And when you see a row of Rapides on the production lines, it’s one of the best sights in motoring. Hearing the incredible note created when the 6.0-litre V12 starts up is enough to make you wish you had the £150,000 to buy one!"

About Magna Steyr

MAGNAR STEYR is the leading global, brand-independent engineering and manufacturing partner to automakers. The company offers OEMs solutions for a wide range of services with highly flexible development and assembly strategies. From individual engineering services to complete vehicles, and from extra-low volume through peak shaving to volume production.