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Greiner cuts energy bills by 60%



7. April 2010

Greiner Packaging in Dungannon has invested £1.2m in new energy exchange technology that will enable it to make savings of up to 60% on its annual energy bill. Greiner is the first business in the UK and Ireland to have invested in this new technology.

Greiner Packaging Ltd has invested £1.2m in water treatment and air compressors at its Northern Ireland facility that it says will help reduce its annual energy bill by 40-60%. Greiner received support from Bank of Ireland’s European Investment Bank Loan Fund.

Greiner Packaging, which employs 230 in the manufacture of plastic food containers, is one of only ten companies worldwide to have installed this type of infrastructure. In the next three years, the company will have reached 2050 UK Government energy savings targets and will also become the most energy efficient plant in the Greiner Group out of more than 100 sites worldwide.

The company’s manufacturing machinery is water cooled and the new technology collects the waste hot water in reservoirs, some of which is then wind cooled for re-use while the rest heats the offices and warehousing through new underfloor heating,

Greiner says the overall £1.2 m investment will deliver savings of at least £400,000 a year in electricity and £60,000 in oil costs. In addition to the energy and fuel savings, Greiner will reduce its annual water usage by five million litres. The company also received support for this project from Invest Northern Ireland and DETI (Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment) who gave them a grant of 20% of funding towards the overall cost.

Commenting on the project, Jarek Zasadzinski, CEO, Greiner Packaging, said: “Greiner Group’s production philosophy is to be a responsible global economic player in the manufacturing of our products. Rising energy and fuel costs have also placed a firm focus on the need to make significant changes in order to remain competitive. We have a long-standing relationship with Bank of Ireland and were impressed with their responsiveness to our funding needs.”


Greiner Packaging is one of the leading companies in the European packaging industry. In 2008, the company achieved annual sales of EUR 376 million or 34 per cent of the total Greiner Group sales. Greiner Packaging employs a workforce of 2,935 employees at 21 production sites throughout Europe.

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