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MK Illumination launches warm-white LED lighting

21. June 2010

Christmas may be a long way off, but it is a year-round preoccupation at Austrian festive lighting specialist MK Illumination which has just launched its new warm-white coloured LED bulb for winter 2010.

MK Illumination, Europe’s leading manufacturer of festive decorative lighting, based in Innsbruck, Austria, is pleased to announce the release of its new warm-white coloured LED bulb for Christmas 2010.

The revolutionary warm-white colour, which is totally unique to the market, has been developed by MK’s dedicated research and development department.The new LED bulb combines high levels of brightness and energy efficiency with a consistent warm-white coloration.It uses considerably less power than most other LED bulbs yet still manages to distribute light that is almost identical to that of a traditional light bulb.

This is achieved by a special resin which guarantees perfect colour diffusion and serves as a magnifying glass to allow the LED to shine in its full splendour and create a 360 degree beam effect.

MK Illumination’s CEO, Klaus Mark, says: “This is the first warm-white LED bulb in our industry to match the colour and distribution of light created by a traditional light bulb.” The release of this new warm-white LED comes as the future trend for Christmas decorations looks set to revert to more traditional styles as opposed to the minimalistic and modern take of recent years, which often became too far detached from the spirit of Christmas.

“Warm-white is the colour for 2010,” adds Mark. “In recent years there has been a transitional period where blue and then white light was the colour to have. Now the fashion is heading towards a more traditional warm glow.”
With this in mind, MK Illumination has launched a new range of traditional motifs, which combine established traditional styles with modern and contemporary trends.

The range features a host of motifs that are commonly associated with Christmas but with a more contemporary element such as stars, bells, reindeers and trees as well as garlands, swags and other traditional decorations.
At the forefront of this new range is the company’s warm-white LED colour, which complements the traditional designs with its soft undertones and welcoming glow.   

About MK Illumination

MK Illumination Ltd is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of festive and decorative LED lighting, supplying their concepts to a range of clients including shopping centres, retail outlets, local governments and hotels. MK operates sales subsidiaries in 20 international markets, all of which are supported by the company’s head office in Innsbruck, Austria and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Slovakia. This blend of international experience and local knowledge allows each subsidiary to offer unparalleled service, including customised motifs, high quality products and cost effective logistics, all with a customer friendly approach. For more information visit

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