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Zotter chocolate available in John Lewis

3. September 2010

Josef Zotter, the Austrian artisan chocolate maker, is working hard to bring a smile to the faces of British retailers. Zotter is well known in Austria for both his creative skills and his social conscience but is still relatively unknown in the UK. That is rapidly changing as news of his innovative, organic & fairtrade chocolate is sweeping the country.  

The Zotter range comprises of around 200 different varieties; from handmade chocolate bars, filled with layers of exotic flavours to single-source solid chocolate, via drinking chocolate and plenty more besides. A good example would be Zotter’s daringly delicious take on the traditional Wimbledon strawberries and champagne. ‘Strawberry Inside & Out’ is chocolate bar with the intense taste of ripe strawberries (strawberry pieces in a strawberry chocolate). This is matched with ‘Marc de Champagne’ a wonderfully rich champagne ganache (think champagne truffle but in a bar). Each of these exquisite creations is packaged in its own individual piece of art; unusual and sometimes amusing but always eye-catching and certain to enliven any retailer’s shelf.

Keith Lowe, the MD of Zotter’s UK agent, says “Consumers are becoming more discerning and are looking for better quality chocolate. In spite of the recession, the sales of Zotter chocolate just keep on growing. Being organic and fairtrade is a big plus but the main selling point is the taste. Once people try Zotter chocolate they just keep coming back for more.”

Chocolate range © Zotter

Zotter sources his cocoa beans from Latin America and produces all his chocolate from ‘bean to bar’. This allows him the luxury of placing an emphasis on the subtleties and extravagances of the ingredients and to constantly explore the aromatic origins of chocolate. Josef believes that the chocolate produced by the industrial processes of the large multi-nationals is simply dull. In this way he clearly positions himself against standardised mass production and the concentration of the chocolate market.

Josef’s innovation is not limited to his chocolate. He very conscious of the impact that manufacturing can have on the environment, so even the heat used in the process is homemade. Cocoa shells and wood chips are burnt in a small steam plant, located behind the Chocolate Factory. In this way no waste arises from the production and the steam plant ensures an ecologically justifiable heat generation. The making of chocolate requires a lot of energy, so the additional power is obtained from green energy sources, because renewable energy will keep the motor of creativity running for the future.

Zotter chocolate is available in good food shops, delicatessens, speciality chocolate shops, John Lewis Foodhalls and online at

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