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Introducing the Vienna Bike: the answer to urban cycling

The Vienna Bike with carrier © Valentin Vodev

© Valentin Vodev

10. August 2011

Are you a city cyclist? Fed up of lugging your heavy bike around and squeezing through traffic? Then meet The Vienna Bike, the answer to urban cycling.

The Vienna Bike, an electrically assisted cycle with a difference, had its first public showing at last month’s Bridgestone Eco-Rally where it received great acclaim and praise for its design innovation.
Fresh from the success of the rally, the designers of the Vienna Bike are now looking for investors. With its unique design that echoes both functionality and modern city life, the Vienna Bike certainly has a lot to offer.

Although designed as an electrically assisted tricycle, the bike rides with the feeling of a two-wheeler cycle thanks to its innovative steering and suspension system. An ideal alternative to the car in urban areas, the custom Vienna Bike cargo boxes can load up to 150 litres or around 40 kg of shopping goods - more than the trunk of some small cars! The loading platform features a quick release fixing for easy securing and switching loads.

Those that think that a tricycle could be bulky have no reason to worry as there is only 35cm between the back wheels so it can be stored just like any other bike. Similarly, the cleverly designed folding system allows for easy transport.

As for the electrical assistance, with one single charge, the Vienna Bike can accomplish an impressive distance of up to 60 km when assisted by pedalling and reach a speed of up to 22 km/h. It uses a normal 230/ 110 V plug and the total charging time is 3 hours.

If you are interested in investing in this fantastic cycle concept, please contact the designer, Valentin Vodev at

For more information about the Vienna Bike please click here . For photos of the bike in action, please click here .


The Vienna Bike © Valentin Vodev

© Valentin Vodev

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