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UK partners of Austrian company SOLARFOCUS meet in Austria to develop business strategy

Solarfocus is a specialist in micro-generation © ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA


14. October 2011

UK partners of acclaimed micro-generation company, SOLARFOCUS, have met in Austria to discuss their sales and service strategy following an increase in public interest into domestic energy generation due to rising oil and gas prices.

Micro-generation, as it’s known in the industry, is the small-scale generation of heat and power by individuals, small businesses and communities to meet their own energy needs. With rocketing oil and gas prices home owners are taking matters into their own hands and turning to companies like SOLARFOCUS to provide them with micro-generation solutions for their energy requirements.

SOLARFOCUS are micro-generation experts and specialise in biomass boilers and solar thermal equipment. UK coverage is currently established through seven regional distribution partners running the full length of the country from Cornwall to the Scottish Highlands. Despite their already strong presence, however, SOLARFOCUS recognises that the key to further cementing a strong position within the UK market is developing an industry leading sales and service network.

The development of such high industry leading standards was discussed at length at the meeting in the company’s headquarters in Steyr. One of the most notable agreements of all UK partners was the development of a reward based training programme for heating system installers to increase sales. The installers will have access to a programme of technical training from basic through to advanced levels and the programme will increase the rewards available to installers as they increase their own knowledge of the products.

Service quality continued to remain of high importance to strategy development. SOLARFOCUS 's Head of Export Klaus Seits said; “We want to develop sustainable sales of our products in the UK and we know that we will need to create a market leading support team which can handle all aspects from enquiries through to after sales support”.

During the meeting views were shared on the status of the renewable market in the UK and as the spotlight turns to the upcoming launch of the RHI Phase II Domestic scheme scheduled for October 2012, all partners were gearing their businesses in anticipation of an upsurge in demand.

SOLARFOCUS offer a comprehensive range of Biomass boilers with heat outputs from 10-70kW for single appliances. For larger demands multiple boilers can be installed in a cascade arrangement. Their range of Solar Thermal CPC collectors are offered as standalone installations or combined with a biomass boiler.

SOLARFOCUS continue to design innovative products and add them to their range of MCS Approved Products. Recently the octoplus was added to the MCS list. The unique pellet boiler and thermal store combination offers a compact solution for demands up to 15kW. It is optimised to operate with solar thermal systems.

During the three day event partners were given their first look at SOLARFOCUS's newest models, the 35kW and 70kW pellettop pellet boilers. All SOLARFOCUS boilers utilise downward combustion systems which optimise the use of all the fuel reaching combustion temperatures up to 1200°C.

From left to right: Nathan Ward (WENDRON BIOMASS), Chris Davies (EVERGREEN ECOSYSTEMS), Athol Duckett (AD HEATING), Klaus Seits (SOLARFOCUS), Mike Blakeley (THE WOOD HEATING COMPANY), John Williamson (JPW CONSTRUCTION), Ben Carter (OXFORD RENEWABLES), Jim Dowling (OXFORD RENEWABLES), Ronny Einzenberger (SOLARFOCUS), Christian Stubauer (SOLARFOCUS)

Further Information:

Marlene Pfeiffer
International Marketing

Werkstraße 1 - A-4451 St.Ulrich/Steyr
Tel.: +43 (0)7252 / 50 002-32
Fax: +43 (0)7252 / 50 002-932 -


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