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Austrian eyewear manufacturer, Silhouette, designs new 3D glasses with Samsung

The new 3D glasses
9. February 2012

Samsung has shown that 3D eyewear can stand out not only for its functionality, but also for unique design. The design for this eyewear, which can be used to turn 3D television into a unique experience, was developed by Silhouette, the world’s leading manufacturer in rimless eyewear. The new 3D eyewear – first introduced at the beginning of January in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show – combines the highest image quality possible with comfort and an attractive, harmonious design that needs no hinges or screws – like nearly all of Silhouette’s rimless eyewear. The SSG-3700CR model will be available from electric appliance and electronics retailers worldwide.

Weighing in at only 27 grams, the SSG-3700CR is the world’s lightest 3D active shutter eyewear and weighs 25 percent less than earlier models. The individual components have been completely rearranged, the material is lighter and the circuit board is now smaller. Despite being lighter in weight, performance has not been compromised. Rather, LCD response time has been reduced while improving contrast. This makes it possible to enjoy a brighter, sharper 3D image and is less tiring on the eyes. Bluetooth technology has also been newly introduced, which additionally improves communication with the television by blocking interference from other transmission sources.

Additionally, users now have the opportunity to have prescription lenses implemented into their 3D eyewear for the first time.

The eyewear’s functionality is underlined and supported by the design made in Austria, as the harmonious, flowing lines are reminiscent of those on Silhouette’s rimless eyewear, making it possible for the 3D eyewear to rest gently on the user’s face.

Arnold and Klaus Schmied, co-owners and members of Silhouette’s Executive Board, are proud of the results: “For nearly five decades now, we’ve been producing rimless eyewear following the motto ‘with a pair of Silhouette, vision becomes an experience without boundaries’ through innovation and reduced, refined design. We applied that mantra in designing the new 3D active shutter eyewear too and are happy to see that not just vision, but also 3D television is becoming an even greater experience thanks to Silhouette.”

This collaboration was initiated in Austria, where Samsung Austria turned to Silhouette with the idea of creating a new kind of 3D eyewear. The two companies came to an agreement applying Silhouette’s know-how in eyewear design, while placing production and distribution in Samsung’s hands.

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