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Meet the team! Introducing our technology expert, Marie Katharine-Traunfellner

Marie-Katharine Traunfellner
10. February 2012

 Our technology expert Marie-Katharine Traunfellner started with us in June 2011. With a background in technology policy and a focal point on technology and research funding, she is now responsible for technology transfer between Austria and the United Kingdom. She has been living in the UK for more than three years.

Three questions to our AdvantageAustria technology expert in the UK:

1. What is a technology expert?

Technology experts of the AdvantageAustria team aim to promote Austrian expertise in technology research and development, technical engineering and manufacturing. I am outlining unique business opportunities to business partners in the United Kingdom.

2. Why are they there?

Thanks to “The Sound of Music”, Austria is well-known as a lovely green country with beautiful mountains. However, Julie Andrews would well be surprised to learn that technology wizards are living in the mountains and meadows of Austria. Technology expertise in Austria is outstanding and brought us state of the art technology products and services: high quality products e.g. Voestalpine´s steel in the Wembley Stadium in London, products in niche markets e.g. Kapsch´s world known intelligent transportation systems used by the British railway and excellent product related services eg. AVL´s instrumentation and test systems for UK´s car engine manufacturers as well as formula one racing stables.

3. What do they do?

Technology experts organise networking events, study trips and we provide information on sectors or specific products. We are the gateway for British business to an excellent technology network in Austria across all industries and sectors.

If you feel your company could benefit from some Austrian technology or you would like the take part in a study trip to Austria or are just simply interested in finding out more, you can get in touch with Marie by email: