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Austria's Olympic Bling

19. July 2012

Austrian company Bartenbach is hailing success after winning a contract to work at the London 2012 Olympics.

Visitors are to be dazzled by a bridge of light as they cross a specially built entry into the futuristic park leading to the stadium.

The bridge itself which will be one of the newly created paths across the River Lea in the park will be built by British contractors but the lighting and the light bulbs are from the Austrian company.

Their work means that sports fans will step over hundreds of tiny 'confetti' bulbs set into the walkway in red, yellow, blue and green - the colours of the Olympic Rings.

Constructors in Bartenbach, from Aldrans, Austria, explained: "We want people to think they're walking on a beautiful path of confetti."

The company was unable to reveal how much they were to be paid for the work - saying they had agreed a confidentiality deal with the organisers in London.

Bartenbach's website: