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Austria is R&D centre of excellence: Research and Technology Report 2013

11. September 2013

A new report published this month shows why Austria is such a sought-after research location for companies in the life sciences, environment, and technology industries.

According to research published in the Austrian Research and Technology Report 2013, Austria is the research and development location for 32 British companies. 

“Austria performs exceptionally well in technology and research and we are very fortunate that the financial crisis has not changed that. Austria´s expenditures for research and development are now even higher than they ever before”, says Georg Karabaczek, Austrian Trade Commissioner.
International businesses are increasingly recognising Austria's great potential. They are establishing their research facilities in Austria to benefit from the high living standards, highly-qualified researchers, specialised personnel, strong business and scientific communities and the proximity to a dynamic Eastern Europe.

According to Sta­tistics Austria in its recently published global es­timate, total expenditures for research and develop­ment in Austria will rise 2.9% to an estimated record level of €8.96 billion in 2013.

On the international stage, this gives Austria the fifth-highest R&D intensity in the EU-27, well above the EU average of 2.03%. The United Kingdom and Austria belong to the group of “Innovation followers”, a benchmark of the European Union.

Austrian Research and Technology Report 2013

This year’s Austrian Research and Technology Report summarises the steps taken in the past year and earlier to reach the goal set forth in the federal government’s strategy for research, tech­nology, and innovation (RTI) to become one of the most innovative EU countries by 2020. This includes the themes addressed in this report: es­tablishing important new governance and fund­ing tools for Austrian universities under the Aus­trian University Plan; implementing capaci­ty-driven, student-oriented university funding; setting the focus and priorities of R&D pro­grammes; creating a research infrastructure plan; and restructuring the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Another topic of growing national and international significance is the online publica­tion of scientific results (open access). This re­port presents a comprehensive analysis of pros and cons and examines various strategies for dealing with open access.

Another important focus of this year’s report is the role of the manufacturing sector in the inno­vation system. The global economic and finan­cial crisis led to a reassessment of economic pol­icy options and structural change, and the role of manufacturing in innovation, exports, and em­ployment is once again the focus of economic policy discussions. Many countries, and even the European Commission, are pursuing a strategy of reindustrialisation. Internationally, Austria is among the countries with the highest share of manufacturing relative to total value added. Aus­tria is well positioned among the key enabling technologies defined by the European Union – especially the fast-growing segment of green manufacturing.


The Austrian Research and Technology Report 2013 is a status report on Austria’s federally fund­ed research, technology, and innovation. Relevant trends in development and specific aspects in Austria’s system of innovation are described with the help of current data and findings, and exam­ined in the international context.

The Austrian Research and Technology Report 2013 was commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Science and Research (BMWF); the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation, and Technology (BMVIT); and the Federal Ministry of Economy, Family, and Youth (BMWFJ). All input was discussed and agreed upon in inter-ministerial workgroups in­volving all the aforementioned entities. The Austrian Research and Technology Report has been published online since 2004 and is available to the public.

Austrian Research and Technology Reports - Download link:

Source: Austrian Research and Technology Report 2013 and Austrian Business Agency