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New Austrian start-up brings fresh cooking back into the lives of Londoners

9. January 2013

Take the stress out of food shopping and complicated recipes with Dinnr, the new online food delivery service. Order a recipe via the website, the exact ingredients are delivered to your door, you cook the meal and enjoy. Exactly measured ingredients, no leftovers and fun and detailed instructions – learn to cook like a pro!

Austrian born entrepreneur, Michal Bohanes has been a London resident since 2007. While working at Google, he noticed how much effort it took for a kitchen novice to create a high quality home-cooked meal - finding a good recipe, shopping, and dealing with the leftovers. So he started a company that would make it easier. With Dinnr , you can select a recipe on their website and receive just the right amount of ingredients for that particular dish - no delivery charges, same-day delivery in most of Central London, no subscription required.

Michal proudly features iconic Austrian mustard, Mautner Markhof Estragon, in two of his recipes because in five years in London, he hasn't found a mustard that comes close to Mautner's superb taste. "This is one of the big values added of Dinnr" says Michal, "we collect great flavours from all around London so that you don't have to go shopping."

Bring cooking back to your life with Dinnr! Visit the website to find out more