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Innasol opens UK´s leading renewable heat training centre in Essex

18. February 2013

Innasol is an Austrian based company, set up in 2010 to bring the latest and best in renewable heating technology to the UK. Innasol has grown fast since then by developing a UK-wide network of more than 60 sales partners, together employing over 600 trained smart-energy experts to advise on, instal and service Austrian-made renewable heating systems.

Britain lags behind Europe in renewable energy use but the government in London, faced with rising oil prices and fears over fuel dependency, is determined to boost green alternatives with the index-linked Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) – currently available to commercial installations but extending to homes in the summer.

In order to provide the highest level of support to the growing number of dedicated, professional sales partners, Innasol has launched its brand new training facility, based in beautiful Essex countryside. Installation firms are attracted by the company’s state-of-the-art training facility at its headquarters in Wickham Bishops. Here, in a 18th-century brick and wood barn, restored with the highest energy efficiency standards, engineers work with the world’s most advanced green heating systems, such as wood pellet-burning ETA biomass boilers and Neura air-source heat pumps from Austria.

Innasol’s founder and CEO, Silvio Spiess, is determined to bring advanced, premium technology to Britain as renewable energy takes off. “Using fossil fuels to heat your home is out of date, a 400,000-year-old concept,” said Silvio.

Innasol’s founder and CEO, Silvio Spiess.

Innasol’s founder and CEO, Silvio Spiess. 

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